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Eternal Exile -- Northwood, Ohio -- December 23rd, 2005

Well, Eternal Exile played its second gig last night at Pub 51, a local bar in Northwood, Ohio. Originally we were to open for Resonant Soul, but their singer backed out, so we ended up being the only band on the bill. This gig was a private party (although actually open to everyone) of some people Resonant Soul's friends with. This was specifically a no drums show, which worked out, because we're still searching for a drummer. We actually talked to three potential drummers last night, and will be auditioning them on Tuesday. Anyways, our show started at 10 PM promptly. I play guitar on our first song, but the effects box output cable was shot (but we didn't realize it during soundcheck, because it seemed to be working), so when I went to solo, there was no sound. We played through it, and made it though.

We had a few minor technical problems like that throughout the night, but nothing really noteworthy. "New Dawn" was rocky, but by "Simple Man" people were really getting into the band. There was about 50-100 people throughout the night that watched us play. After our first set, we were joined by John, the guitarist from Resonant Soul and he jammed on our later set with his acoustic. Yeah, that's right, he played acoustic on our drumless "N.I.B." (which went over really well). We also played a 10-minute jam of "Simple Man" that really had the audience going. It was shitload of fun. We finished it with an improv jam. I played electric, John acoustic, and Jay was on bass.

We talked to the owners of Pub 51 after the show and they said they will be getting in touch with us to play there again soon. We were also officially invited to open for Resonant Soul at Club Bijou a local club in Toledo (Black Label Society just played there about a month ago), but we declined (despite the fact it's a paying gig), because we still don't have a drummer. John said he has plenty more shows coming up for us to open for them if we want, so we will definitely take him up on it...

1. New Dawn
2. Simple Man [Lynyrd Skynyrd]
3. The Road Less Traveled
4. There's Nothing Left
5. Blue On Black [Kenny Wayne Shepherd]
6. Never Learn
7. After The Gold Rush [Neil Young]

1. N.I.B. [Black Sabbath]
2. Simple Man [Lynyrd Skynyrd]
3. Improv Jam

The order is probably a bit fucked up. We had no official setlist last night.
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