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Originally Posted by SomewhereInTime72
Man I didn't know you were going, it was a great show.

Sucks you had to leave, Bodom played great, though they didn't play Lake Bodom or Kissing The Shadows.

Did ya get there eraly or late-like? I showed up at around 4 and was pretty much against the rail the whole time.

This pic of Amon Amarth is the only one I got that came out.
I got there probably around... 5-5:30. From that point until like 7 we were looking for good tickets, and we got some. For Amon we were pretty close to the rail, maybe 2 or 3 people deep. Once Amon was done we headed back to the bar, and then once they were done we mingled back up into the middle for Bodom. We should meet up at the next NYC show we're both at.
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