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Childern Of Bodom -- New York City, NY -- December 14th, 2005

Well damn. I went with two people to this show and we worked our asses off to scalp three good (not fake) tickets, and it was worth it just to fucking see Amon Amarth. We were right up in front for them, and they absolutely blew me away. Johan Hegg with his fucking drinking horn... shit. So goddamn cool. I don't remember the setlist exactly, but they played An Ancient Sign of Coming Storm, The Pursuit of Vikings, For the Stabwounds in Our Backs, The Fate of Norns, Releasing Surtur's Fire, Friends of the Suncross, and Death in Fire... that might be all of them, but I could have missed one or two.

Once they were finished, we retreated to the back so we wouldn't have to deal as much with Trivium, who, as I expected, sucked. That fucking frontman is an awful live performer, the way he handled the crowd made me want him to die. Not to mention their music sucks shit. The whole show was the same goddamn "crazy metal" passages followed by a stupid pussy melodic chorus and retarded one-note breakdowns. They topped it all off by bragging about how they were playing the guitars Dimebag used on the Reinventing the the Steel tour and proceeded to cover Walk, demanding respect for Dimebag but really just masturbating their own rock star selves. Fuck Trivium. Yes, that's right. FUCK TRIVIUM. And fuck their dumbass fans who know nothing and show up bad-mouthing Amon Amarth and Children of Bodom while waiting in line because they don't know anything about them.

Lastly was Children of Bodom, and unfortunately this was kind of disappointing. Bodom was great, they were all really on top of their game, and the floor was absolutely insane--it was impossible to escape the pits. It was disappointing, however, because we had to leave about 5 songs into the performance due to the last train back to Madison NJ at 11:49.

It's definitely worth noting that as we were getting ready to leave, Amon Amarth was hanging out and drinking near the merch counter. I went up to vocalist Johan, gripped his hand and his shoulder like a viking, and said "Skål!" in good Swedish tradition. He returned the celebratory saying in his friendly Nordic disposition. It was very metal

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