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Kiss -- Chicago, IL -- July 9th, 2004

7/9/04, Tweeter Center, Chicago, IL

1. Love Gun
2. Deuce
3. Makin' Love
4. Lick It Up
5. Psycho Circus
6. Christine Sixteen (Guitar solo ending)
7. War Machine (Gene fire breathing)
8. Got To Choose
9. 100,000 Years (long version)
10. I Want You
11. I Love It Loud
12. Unholy (Gene bass solo/blood spitting /flying to lighting rig)
13. Shout It Out Loud
14. I Was Made For Loving You (Paul from platform in crowd)
15. Detroit Rock City

16. God Gave Rock n' Roll To You
17. Rock and Roll All Nite

Total Time: 110min

Guitar/Vocals: Paul Stanley
Bass/Vocals: Gene Simmons
Guitar: Tommy Thayer
Drums: Eric Singer

Opening Bands:

Say what you want about all the crap that goes on with the KISS business machine, they still know how to rock. This was a great show with an excellent presentation (stage, lights, pyro, video, etc.). The purists can cry about the original lineup but this crew did just fine. Eric Singer is a great drummer and Tommy Thayer does just fine on Ace's solos. My only compaint would be directed towards Paul: less talk and more rock! But that is typical of every KISS show that I have ever seen (9 shows). Poison played the hits and did not waste much time. Having never been a Poison fan myself, I was surprised at how well received they were. Almost the entire crowd was into their show. The opening band was ZO2 and they were unknown and non-descript.

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