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Originally Posted by ADD
EXCELLENT. Lake Bodom more than makes up for the crappiness of the overall set. Plus Kissing The Shadows > Everytime I Die. You probbaly saw the best night of the tour sir
You really make me laugh with your ''crappiness of the set'' ADD, Children Of Bodom owns you, your dad & grandmother and Hate Crew Deathroll is a masterpiece, wake up !! There's no way in hell the 2000 freaks in there stopped hedbanging throughout the hole fucking set, exept me during ''We're Not gonna fall''

Seriously, the gig was fantastic a fucking mad concert, plus the TRIVIUM boys played Walk & domination with Dimebag's guitars. The only 2 good songs from them though, what a boring band...that's a crappy set if you ask me, (I slept during their set)

Here's a pic of the Trivium boys with Dime's guitars

Cheers !!
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