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Originally Posted by Spiral_Slave
It was sooo lame how every five seconds all the frontman was like ' I WANNA SEE A HUGE CIRCLE PIT AND IF YOU'RE METAL, YOU'LL BE IN IT! IF NOT GET OFF THE FLOOR! ' I wanted to deck him.
o yea . . . i forgot to include my rant about that in my review. . . . that guy is such a dipshit . . . anybody who thinks that a circle pit is the pinnacle of heavy metal is a poser. He was obviously to stupid to understand the reason we werent creating a circle pit was that there were like 6 posts about 6 inches thick all throughout the venue, and nobody wanted to get slammed into them . . . he was such a dick, and he wouldnt such the hell up . . . CMON SAN FRANCISCO ARE YOU SCARED???? . . . no, we just arent a bunch of insecure posers like you are

i still tink their music is pretty good, but they were fucking idiots

Originally Posted by Spiral_Slave
I can't believe I considered selling my tickets.
neither could i
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