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Dream Theater -- Buenos Aires, Argentina -- December 3rd/4th, 2005

First night: 3 December

The Root Of All Evil
Panic Attack
A Fortune In Lies
Under A Glass Moon
Caught In A Web
Peruvian Skies/wish you were here (pink floyd)/wherever i may roam (metallica)
Strange Deja Vu
Solitary shell/About to crash/Grand Finale
As I Am
Endless Sacrifice
I Walk Beside You
Sacrificed Sons
The Spirit Carries On
Learning To Live

Second night: 4 December

The Glass Prison
Just Let Me Breathe
The Mirror/Lie
The Answer Lies Within
These Walls
Never Enough
In The Name Of God
Overture 1928
Strange Deja Vu
Through My Words
Fatal Tragedy
Beyond this Life
Through Her Eyes
The Dance of Eternity
One Last Time
The Spirit Carries On
Finally Free
Pull Me Under/Metropolis Pt. I
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