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Exclamation Necromance -- Allentown, PA -- November 30th, 2005

Alright, last night was a big night for my band... we got to open up for George Lynch. This was big because it was a chance for a lot of exposure to new potential fans.

We got only a half-hour slot, so our set was:

1.Losing Faith
2.Breaking the Chains
5.Aces High (Iron Maiden cover)
6.We Will Rise

All in all, we played really really well, and the crowd was the best we've ever had in both size and participation. Really a great night for us... I really feel like we made a lot of new fans and really had the crowd going with us. Great stuff, a night I'll remember for a long time.

As for George Lynch himself. No. I'm not going to review his show, because I lost just about any respect I had for George after last night. My reasons can be summed up in 4 parts:

1.His band soundchecked for over an hour, delaying everyone else from setting up their gear... it went on and on though it seemed as though the only thing wrong or that needed to be changed was the fact that George kept bitching that his tone didnt sound right...

2. On stage George is the most untasteful, emotionless, bitch of a guitar player Ive ever seen... he made a lot of pointless noise and barely ever made eye contact with the audience or the rest of the band... the songs, on a basic level were really good, the Dokken tunes sounded really great... but they just drew everything out to such an extreme just so George could show off.

3. A member of another opening band kocked on the tour bus door... and the singer answered the door, and apprently acted really nice to the guy... and when he asked where George was, the singer said that he was back at HIS hotel room while the rest of the band was on the bus

4. The rest of the band was planning on doing a free meet and great in the venue after the show (they eventually had to cancel unfortunately)... you could get pics, autographs, talk a bit... yet to meet George you had to pay $40

Yeah, needless to say just about any respect and liking I had for him are pretty much completely gone now...
Luckily, I had no clue that Vinnie Appice was playing in Lynch's backing band... I really love his stuff with Sabbath and Dio. At the end of their soundcheck I was lucky enough to get to meet Vinnie and shake his hand... as well as tell him that I was quite a fan. He wished me and my band good luck. I'm really thankful for that.

Anyway, enjoy.
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