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Arrow Children of Bodom -- San Francisco, CA -- November 15th, 2005

ok so im gonna wite a concert review . . . i hate writing these damn things because my attention span simply does not last that long.

So here goes . . . .

Before the Show

In case i didnt make it clear, this i have been looking forwar to this gig for ages, children of Bodom is one of my all-time favorite bands and it see them life would be fucking amazing. the concert seemed like it would never happen, but finally after turkey-day, it was bodom-day.

Because my parents werent taking me, i had to go with DreamEvil001 on his family outing to the deYoung Museum in SF. It was actually pretty interesting, the exhibit on oceanic and african folk art was especially cool. The only problem was that after standing up in the museum for the whole afternoon, i was already tired before the concert began. After the museum, we went to eat at Scoma's a great seafood restaurant at the Sf wharf. Justin and I only had time to eat a quick appetizer of deep-fried callemari (one of my favorite foods) before his dad droves us to slims, a few blocks away.

We waited in line with all the other metalheads for about a half-hour, before they began to let people into the venue. Because of waiting for a table at Scoma's, we arrived later then i had hoped, and therfore did not score a spot anywhere near the rail. We stood in line to get shirts, but by the time we got to the front of the line, the merchandise guy told us he was out of tour-shirts and would go get some more from the bus after the support acts. We decided to wait the crowd for the support bands to start. A we waited, a screen played snowboard bloopers

Amon Amarth
Then on came Amon Amarth, the kings of cheesy death/power/viking metal. I am not a huge fan of them mainly because i think that most of their songs are rather boring, simple, and the viking thing gets a little out of hand, but they were playing some of my favorite songs, so i was pretty excited. Their set, like all the others, was the same reported by PowerMaiden in Montreal. As the opened with "Ancient Sign of the Coming Storm" i was appauled by the terrible sound system and lack of volume. The had a fairly good stage presecne (aside from the fact that the singer kept drinking from a sheep horn or some shit like that). I tried my hardest to push upfront, but these crazy viking dudes were stiring up the pit and so we got thrashed around alot furing the set. I tried to take some pics with my cell-phone, but none came out because i was getting pushed around to much, and i was to far away from the stage. The hilight of their set was the epic "Death in Fire", which due the sound systems, you could not realy apreciate unless you had previously heard the song. As Amon Amarth left the stage the vikings in the crowd began to yell "FUCK TRIVIUM" over and over again. This really pissed me off. Whether you like a band or not, you dont need to ruin it for other by being a jackass like that. They dissing a band that has way more talent and popularity then they will ever have, and the sounded like a bunch of little pussies.


Trivium is definitely my favorite NWOAHM band, and they sounded awsome at ozzfest, so i was also excited to see them play a longer set in a smaller, more personal venue. As they started their set with "Rain" the vikings began their chant again, but me and some others told them to shut the fuck up and they stoped. I think trivium suffered more from the bad sound system then Amon Amarth because their songs are general mroe complex and have faster riffing. After awhile it seemed to melt all together into one big mix of noise. After they finished Rain, Matt Heafy, their lead guitarist yelled at the crowd "alright, who the fuck thinks we suck." No one made a noise. The rest of the band began to make nasty faces in the direction of the vikings and made threatening noises with their intruments, corey looked a lot like the main guy in venom for a bit. Matt knew who the assholes where so he bagn to taunt them for being pussies who couldnt say anything infront of the band. The viking guys looked like complete idiots. trivium continued with te rest of their set. After a while, i realised there was no hope in getting up front, and i was very very thirsty so i retreated to the back to get a drink. I sat on the bar counter for awhile, where i could see over everybody's heads, but i was asked to leave since i was a minor. I moved to the other side of the stage and sat on a railing, trying to see over the audience, but once again, one of the slims personel made me get off. I realised the only was a was going to be able to enjoy bodom was by fighting my was upfront.

Children of Bodom
It seemed to take forever for Bodom to get set up. A screen which was playing power rangers clips was blocking our view of the stage, so nobody knew what was happening. Every once and awhile we would hear the keyboard "orchestra hit" sound go off, and the crowd would go crazy. chants of "BODOM BODOM BODOM" began to start. After an incredibly long time, the screen went up and the intro techno thingy started up. The lights went done and the spotlights went up, and the keyboards that start "Living Dead Beat" began to play. When the band broke into the main riff, i was pleased to notice that the sound quality for bodom was much better then teh support acts, except that the bass drum was way to loud, and the keyboards were to quiet. I noticed to large, fanatic bodom fans starting to move up front and i followed in their wake. Justin got seperated because this old grey-haired guy kept blocking him. As the band broke into sixpounder i started to make some real headway fighting up front. "Silent Night, Bodom Night" was great live, and i had trouble remembering that i was suppose to be getting up front, not headbanging. I cant remember exactly when, but about half-way through Bodom's set I managed to get right beyond the row one the rail to the right of the stage, which is where i stayed the rest of the show. The shitty thing about slims is that there are huge pillars holding up the cieling which blocked my view of alexi in the middle of the stage. The band were very mobile and during alexi's solos he often came to our side of the stage and i was able to get some good, but blury shots of him. he noticed i was trying to take pictures of his hands soloing, so he bent and held his guitar towards me while i took the shot. (sadly, i cant figure it out, but for some reason i cant get a bunch of the pics i took onto my computer . . . ill post them later, when i figure it out). one of the major disapointments was the drum solo, which i was looking forward to. jask is one of my favorite drummers, a double-bass player who still keeps his drumming varied and interesting with his great bell and splash fills. Sadly his drum solo seemed to only exhibit the fact that he could pound his double-bas for an extended period of time. Alexi and Jane's solo duel was suprisingly cool. "In Your face" sounded very good live, and so did "Hate Crew Deathroll," probably the hilight for the night. After bodom finished with "Downfall" i purchased my tour shirt, and walked out of the venue with jutsin, trying to decide what i though of the show

all it all, it was agreat show (all shows are to a n00b teen like me who hasnt been to enough) but the sound system, me not being in my traditional rail spot, and the fucking pillars nocked this gig, which could hve been one of the best just a great metal gig. Maybe it was because my expectations were so high, and maybe it was because i was to tired from fighting to et up front that once i did i coulndt enjoy it.

Anyway, a great concert . . . im sorry for those that missed it, it was definitely worth the 60 bucks i had to pay the damn ticket scalper.

well thats my review

o yea . . here are 2 pics that i was able to transfer to my computer, ill post more later.

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