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Glad You liked my review

I love Virtual shows, listening to good music with orther people & getting drunk, what's better !!

I was into Judas Priest for a brief period of time ( Defenders Of The Faith \ Turbo \ Ram It Down era) I saw them twice & I liked it. I also really like Screaming For Vengeance.

But I don't like Rob's voice that much (especially his high notes), nor his stage style , sorry I,m not homophobe at all but his gay poses are absolutely frightening to me. And hated their clothes in the 80's wich I agree is irrelevant but I can't help it

As for their popularity, maybe in the states they were as popular as Maiden (wich I highly doubt) but here in Montreal they never did more than 5000 people , and Maiden crowds were almost always double than that. And I remember when I was in highschool there was like 50 Maiden t shirts for 1 Judas Priest.

I will maybe get Painkiller at Christmas

Cheers !!
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