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Metallica -- St. Louis, MO -- September 25th, 2004

9/25/04, Savvis Center, St. Louis, MO

1. Blackened
2. Fuel
3. Wherever I May Roam
4. Leper Messiah
5. Frantic
6. I Disappear
7. Disposable Heroes
8. St. Anger
9. Guitar Solo (Kirk Hammett)
10. Fade to Black
11. Master of Puppets
12. Damage, Inc.

13. No Leaf Clover
14. Nothing Else Matters
15. Sad But True

16. One
17. Enter Sandman

18. Blitzkrieg
19. Seek and Destroy

Total Time: 135min

Vocals/Guitar: James Hetfield
Guitar: Kirk Hammett
Bass: Robert Trujillo
Drums: Lars Ulrich

Excellent, high-energy show. Pleasant surprises in the setlist (Disposable Heroes, Leper Messiah). Tons of pyro and explosions, especially during One (I thought that I was going deaf). Godsmack was very good, but I don't know their stuff well enough to provide a setlist. Sully Erna did the dual drumset solo with Shannon Larkin and it was excellent!
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