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Originally Posted by dmentia777
I'm seeing Gwar tomorrow (Saturday) night in LA but I found a setlist through Looks like they'll play a LOT from Hell-O! ... which has me awfully excited. I have no idea when or where this photo was taken, but (after talking to some friends who saw the show in San Francisco earlier this week) I think this setlist is probably pretty accurate.

Link to photo of list (items after the slash are likely props for that particular segment of the show):

YG / Nazi Pope + Skinhead
Deathpod / Bush
Salaminizer / Cheney
Love Surgery / Osbourne
Babyraper / Jackson
Bring Back the Bomb
Whargoul / Bonesnapper

(probably encore)
Road Behind / Dickspew
Hell-o Again! / Biledriver

(the Hell-O medley)
Gwar Theme
U Ain't Shit
Arctic Snow
Bone Meal/ Ollie North (?)
Dead Dog
Time For Death
War Toy
Captain Crunch
Party Town
Gwar Theme
Nice score on the set list. Have fun at the show. Check out this thread for the a couple of pic's from the DC show I went to.
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