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Gwar -- San Francisco, CA -- November 15th, 2005

I'm seeing Gwar tomorrow (Saturday) night in LA but I found a setlist through Looks like they'll play a LOT from Hell-O! ... which has me awfully excited. I have no idea when or where this photo was taken, but (after talking to some friends who saw the show in San Francisco earlier this week) I think this setlist is probably pretty accurate.

Link to photo of list (items after the slash are likely props for that particular segment of the show):

YG / Nazi Pope + Skinhead
Deathpod / Bush
Salaminizer / Cheney
Love Surgery / Osbourne
Babyraper / Jackson
Bring Back the Bomb
Whargoul / Bonesnapper

(probably encore)
Road Behind / Dickspew
Hell-o Again! / Biledriver

(the Hell-O medley)
Gwar Theme
U Ain't Shit
Arctic Snow
Bone Meal/ Ollie North (?)
Dead Dog
Time For Death
War Toy
Captain Crunch
Party Town
Gwar Theme
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