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Queensrÿche -- St. Louis, MO -- January 20th, 2005

Pop's, Sauget, IL, 1/20/05

1. The Whisper
2. Empire
3. Another Rainy Night
4. Open
5. Take Hold of the Flame
6. When the Rain Comes
7. Last Time In Paris
8. Jet City Woman
9. Silent Lucidity
(About 45 Minutes)

10. I Remember Now
11. Anarchy X
12. Revolution Calling
13. Operation Mindcrime
14. Speak
15. Spreading the Disease
16. The Mission
17. Suite Sister Mary
18. The Needle Lies
19. Electric Requiem
20. Breaking the Silence
21. I Don't Believe in Love
22. Waiting for 22
23. My Empty Room
24. Eyes of a Stranger
(About 1 Hour and 15 Minutes)

Vocals: Geoff Tate
Guitar: Michael Wilton
Guitar: Mike Stone
Bass: Ed Jackson
Drums: Scott Rockenfield

No Opening Act

Another excellent show from Queensryche depite the adversity. Pop's is not a good place to see a show. The acoustics were terrible, the stage was too small, and the sound during the first set was not very good. It started to even out towards the end of the first set and the Mindcrime set sounded much better. Overall, it was still a great show. Opening with "The Whisper" was great for the old school fans (I loved it), but a lot of people did not know it. I was surprised that they played "Last Time In Paris." Again, most people did not know that one but I thought it was cool. They stretched a few of the songs from Mindcrime, particularly "Electric Requiem" and "My Empty Room." The show started a half hour late, and the intermission was about 25 minutes long. "Hostage" was played through the PA at the end of the show accompanied by a video on the main screen.
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