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Arch Enemy -- San Francisco, CA -- November 14th, 2005

Same basic set list they've been playing as previously reported here.

Enemy Within
Dead Eyes See No Future
Burning Angel
My Apocalypse
(drum solo)
Taking Back My Soul
Diva Satanica
(Solo, Michael Amott)
Skeleton Dance
Bury Me An Angel
(Solo, Fredrik Åkesson)
Dead Bury Their Dead
I Am Legend/ Out for Blood
We Will Rise
PA after concert: Enter The Machine

Yes, I'm actually writing this concert up right now and will impact tomorrow if I go see GWAR tonight. Sooner, if I don't. I'm beat to hell ( ), and have tickets for their Friday night in So Cal with Motorhead Jeff anyways. I could just the gas money to buy GWAR DVDs instead.
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