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Originally Posted by SomewhereInTime72
As for AYDY, they picked good songs off it, I would like to see them ditch we're not gonna fall, though. The other 3 I really like and look forward to seeing. (Were not gonna falls an okay song there are just so many more I'd rather have)
That was the only low point in the set with the solo's, everybody on this board will see what I mean by COB = Slayer or Megadeth after you seen them on this tour. They are trully INCREDIBLE in concert !!!

As for the setlist: To make it perfect with the same amount of time, drop We're Not Gonna Fall & the 3 solo's and add Lake Bodom, Warheart, Hatebreeder & Bed Of Razor.

I agree that 2 songs from Hatebredder is not enought, but it doesn't make the set poor. You'll see, they fucking OWNS in concert!!!

Cheers !!
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