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Originally Posted by ADD
IMO they are lightyears ahea dof the others. I dunno, almost sound like different bands (well maybe that's a bit drastic).

From AYDY they should just do TL&S and LDB, maybe the title track too.

That song is quite lame indeed, bad ripoff of Pantera's A New Level
1. I think hatebreeder sounds a lot like later bodom . . . im suprised that you hate HCDr and love HB when they sound alot alike to me

2. That would be good . . . ecept mayb in your face also ( ) i cant understand why they never play TL&S when it is one of their best songs

3. You know . . . i never noticed that, the opening riff sounds a bit like a new level . . . but the rest of the song is completely different, i dont see how you can call it a "ripoff"
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