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Originally Posted by Maideneer
I totally missed Into Eternity and Nevermore. I like to get to shows as late as possible now because I hate travelling into NYC. The staff at Webster Hall are total assholes, they were rude and had a chip on their shoulders. Anyway, Opeth was pretty good, but I have seen better shows from them. Perhaps it was the sound or something, something just wasn't 'right'. Oh well, I still enjoyed it.

1) The Baying Of The Hounds
2) When
3) Bleak
4) In My Time Of Need
5) The Grand Conjuration
6) Face Of Melinda
7) Deliverance
8) Blackwater Park
9) Demon Of The Fall

The set could have been so much better, but I'll take it. Actually, as much as I like Opeth, and I'm sad to say, it was kind of a forgettable show.
I couldn't make either the two California shows... I'd take that set list right now.
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