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Yngwie Malmsteen -- St. Petersburg, FL -- October 27th, 2005

I went and saw Yngwie tonight with my girlfriend. He is a fucking amazing showman, with all the guitar spins and kicks and all but damn too much soloing. Some guy I dunno who, sang on like 95 percent of his songs but the rest was pure wankage. Oh, except one part where he made his guitar sound like a violin and played along with a symphony backing track. That's all there is to say really. I'm not a HUGE fan so I didn't know all the songs but I'll do my best for the setlist.

( In no order )
Locked And Loaded
Baroque And Roll
Ship Of Fools
Rise Up
Demon Driver
Far Beyond The Sun
I'll See The Light Tonight
You Don't Remember I'll Never Forget

That's all remember...Good show though!!
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