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Originally Posted by DethMaiden
Okay, ADD, I did word that wrong.

One is not better by being more popular, my favorite band would be Green Day if this were so.

I just think that basically all of my favorite bands are at least beknownst to people other than their immediate fans. True, Moonsorrow have fans, but do people not already their fans become their fans? Not in large quantities, at least.

I don't mean to be anti-Moonsorrow because they aren't the only ones, but I prefer music with a little more recognition in most instances.
Recognition is based on what the media deems is "cool" or "acceptable" or, most of all, marketable. How well-known a band is doesn't have jack shit to do with how good they are or how much I can enjoy them. Music is universal language as they say, so a band of aliens from Mars could land and put out a kickass metal album I'd still dig it if it was good
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