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Originally Posted by ADD
C'mon man, lighten up, it's a joke, it's all for show. No different than watching a horror movie or something, like last night that movie Bram Stoker's Dracula was on and it showed them eating a baby or something like that (maybe it was a sacrifice?). Is this any worse? GWAR essentially was made up of a bunch of art students doing a project on marketing, and fucking they sure as hell got a big fat A out of it vuz now they can basically make a living off the creation GWAR. Ingenius if you ask me. And I personally like the music to boot
well i you like a band that sings about raping babies . . . . ugh im giving up, you and Slave just dont get it . . . you just don't joke about things like that

dracula is different . . . he is the bad guy . . .gwar have fans who love them . . .and then they sing about things like that
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