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Queensryche -- Cleveland, OH -- October 11th, 2005

TOUR: Queensryche / An Evening With Queensryche
VENUE: House of Blues -- Cleveland, OH
DATE: October 11, 2005
REVIEWED: October 12, 2005

My fourth Queensryche show of the year, and second of this month, was absolutely phenomenal. I started my day out by waking up for school at 7 AM. I went to my morning classes, and then booked out, a… tad early. I came back to my house, where my friend Ray from Indiana was, grabbed him, and then picked up my friend Steve. We drove in to town, and met up with our friend Jay, who was driving to Cleveland. We piled in his car, cracked open some Dews, and cranked the ‘Ryche as we began the trip to Cleveland.

We had reservations at 4:30, but actually got seated at 4, and ordered off the lunch menu. The meal was pretty good, but we only eat there to pass the line. After we were done, we got the receipt signed for that, and sat down near where the line would be. Finally, we were first in line for a Queensryche show. The staff had us line up around 6:10 PM, where the security searched people. My friend managed to get his digital camera in, but unfortunately, most of the pictures didn’t come out that great. Better then nothing though.

The band hit the stage around 8:15 PM with the same set list as I got in Toledo the o the other week. It was a super high energy show. Our group of 4 was shouting along to every song, as was literally every other person in the front, and there were some people behind me going equally crazy. The audience actually overpowered Eddie anytime it was just him doing backing vocals. It was insane. I wish I would’ve bootlegged. The crowd was just awesome. Loud and crazy.

I was standing between Ray and Steve, but we let some lady come in between us in the front, she said she has always wanted to be in the front by Geoff, and we had enough room to let her in. She was pretty cool. She yelled that she loved Geoff during one of the songs, “I love you too” he said. He looked at my friend Steve and I during “Take Hold of the Flame” while were going crazy, and gave us the horns. We got some love during the other songs too, as we never stopped being crazy.

The band sounded tight. The three other times I’ve heard Geoff do “The Needle Lies” this year, he always cuts the scream and goes for a little “Ah!” – but last night, he went for the album scream. And he got it! I noticed during “Lady Wore Black” that he didn’t reach for the high notes in the chorus every time, like he did in Toledo, but it still sounded more then amazing. Geoff and the rest of the band was really into the show. I think they were all surprised by the sheer level of energy the crowd was giving them.

My friend Ray got the bag of crack Geoff tosses it. He deserves it, as during any drug scene he was the dumbass yelling, “YEAAAAH!!!” and my friend Steve got the syringe.

An interesting thing happened to me during “Hostage”. I’m standing there in the front still when I feel… these things… moving back and forth against my back. I’m almost afraid to turn around, because I had seen a drunk chick clinging onto Steve during the greatest hits set, but I figured we had lost her by the end of the concert. I was wrong. The next thing I know there’s a hand gripping my right shoulder… then left shoulder… then pulling closer! I looked at Steve “Help me…” – hahaha. I didn’t know what to do. A 30-year old drunk chick isn’t really just a threat, just embarrassing. I just wanted to turn and say “I’m 18, and you’re quite drunk.” I just tried my best to ignore her until she let go a few seconds after “Hostage” got over. I appreciate the enthusiasm, but… no.

This was Ray and Steve’s first time seeing Queensryche, and needless to say, they’re sold. I am too. I’ve seen the Mindcrime set three times this year, and I would go see it another three if I could. Those guys have impressed me all three times, not to mention put on a hell of a show.

Last night in Cleveland was probably the highlight of all my Queensryche concerts though, just due to the audience and the friends I was with. What an absolutely amazing time. Queensryche’s next tour will not come soon enough.

1. The Whisper
2. Empire
3. Another Rainy Night (Without You)
4. Walk in the Shadows
5. Take Hold of the Flame
6. Sign of the Times
7. The Lady Wore Black
8. Jet City Woman
9. Last Time in Paris
10. Silent Lucidity

11. I Remember Now
12. Anarchy X
13. Revolution Calling
14. Operation Mindcrime
15. Speak
16. Spreading the Disease
17. The Mission
18. Suite Sister Mary
19. The Needle Lies
20. Electric Requiem
21. Breaking the Silence
22. I Don't Believe in Love
23. Waiting for 22
24. My Empty Room
25. Eyes of a Stranger

At the end "Hostage" was played over the PA as usual.

2/24 - The Foundry
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