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Originally Posted by DethMaiden
I'm near Dayton, so nor am I...but yeah, one could compare where Alrosa is to Vine Street in Cincy, if you know that area.

By the way, i liked your Gigantour shirt, I almost asked you how it was before the band went on.

Awkward silence
Well hell, you're from Troy? You ain't far from me then. I'm about 30 miles west of Dayton, right by the Indiana line. I know the Vine St. area well if it's the Bogart's area you're referring to. And the guy going "mindcrime" was funny for a minute. I was fucking with him though, I kept going "promised land" "empire" "warning" " rage for order" and everybody around cracked up and he shut up for a minute, anyway. My buddy took some pretty cool pics at that show, and as soon as I can upload them I'll share.
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