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Originally Posted by PowerMaiden
1. Intro
2. Hate Me
3. Choke Hold
4. Silent Night, Bodom Night
5. Bodom After Midnight
6. Sixpounder
7. Angels Don't Kill
8. Are You Dead Yet?
9. Needled 24-7
10. Deadnight Warrior
11. Follow The Reaper
12. Bodom Beach Terror
13. In Your Face
14. Everytime I Die
15. Hate Crew Deathroll
16. Downfall

its an ok short, and missing a few songs . . .

like where the fuck is trashed lost & strungout? . . . what about warheart . . . or you're better off dead/lil bloodred riding hood . . . . i hope they add some of these songs at least, because although baodom has tons of awsome tunes, this setlist is only mediocre

Originally Posted by PowerMaiden
Alexi admitted early on in the night to not realising the new album was out in Australia and made sure fans were aware only a select few songs would be played from it.
hopefully they will add living dead beat for the rest of the tour . . . .and trashed, lost, & strungout
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