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2 nd night set

Here is the 2 nd night setlist (they traded Deadnight Warrior and Follow The reaper for Children Of Bodom and Lake Bodom again):

1. Intro
2. Silent Night, Bodom Night
3. Hate Me
4. Choke Hold
5. Bodom After Midnight
6. Six Pounder
7. Angels Don't Kill
8. Are You Dead Yet?
9. Lake Bodom
10. Needled 24-7
11. Children of Bodom
12. Bodom Beach Terror
13. In Your Face
14. Hate Cew Deathroll
15. Everytime I Die
16. Downfall

review: Torn between watching the NRL grand final (which, to everyone's delight, was won by the Sydney Tigers) at the pub next door and standing in line waiting to be let in, in addition to a little learning-from-last-night care of the venue, the sold-out crowd of diehard Children Of Bodom fans got in to the venue a lot earlier and smoother tonight, and I will say it right off the bat. The fans who were in first, and bought tickets to this, the first-announced Children Of Bodom show got the best deal and superior show.

As Pathogen prepared for their set screams and chants fluctuated from the pit as heads poked out from behind the backstage curtain and at 8:40pm they made their entrance to roars and cheers and got straight into their set. Once again it seemed the crowd really loved what they heard (rightfully so) and the set was similar in length to that of the night before, but did contain a few different tracks. Tonight the crowd of punters were a little more restrained but equally as impressed.

Just after the stroke of 10:00pm Children Of Bodom's intro music began playing and the crowd let rip. As soon as the Fins took to the stage as expected, a very vocal Gaelic Club worked their vocal pipes. The roar only grew as 'Hate Crew' was unleashed and I began to get feelings of Deja Vous.

As I mentioned in my review of the show last night, Children Of Bodom were energetic, professional, tight and enthusiastic, and tonight was no different. Truth be told, they may have been even more into the show this time around. They certainly got a pleasant introduction to Aussie crowds last night and lapped up every minute tonight.

I was disappointed that last night's set was void of 'Lake Bodom' (even if the band haven't played the track for some time) but thank fuck – it was played tonight and it got one hell of a reaction.

same source (PYRO):

Cheers !!
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