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Originally Posted by Voodoomaster
I got this setlist from the Halford Quorum and again some changes in the setlist, sounds fuckin' great.

The Hellion/Electric eye
Solar angels
Riding on the wind
Touch of evil
Judas rising
I'm a rocker
Breaking the law
Diamonds and rust
Turbo lover
Worth fighting for
Victim of changes

Desert plains
Living after midnight
You got another thing coming

Wow, that is the worst fucking setlist I have seen so far. This more than anything proves that Priest are the nostalgia band. Maybe they aren't playing anything fast cos they can't do it anymore, and they're just playing Painkiller cos they have to. I was thinking about going to this on Friday, but it this rate, they'll bring back the god awful Priest...Live! setlist by then.

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