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Queensryche -- Toledo, OH -- October 2nd, 2005

TOUR: Queensryche / An Evening With Queensryche
VENUE: Stranahan Theater -- Toledo, OH
DATE: October 2, 2005
REVIEWED: October 3, 2005

Last night I witnessed my third Queensryche concert of the year, and it was, in a word: good. With Toledo being their 5th consecutive night, I figured they'd trim a song or two off the set, but nope, they kept it strong with 10 songs, and a very, very, good rendition of "The Lady Wore Black". I really like the way they play it live now verse the original EP version.

The band's performance was excellent. Tate's pipes were in great form. "Walk in the Shadows" (for all you vampires) was a million times better last night then in the summer. I like the little bass intro they add on to it.

This was basically the same show I saw in January, but there were a few differences. As far as the set, it's two songs longer, and "Open" and "When the Rain Comes..." are absent. They are also still playing the shorter summer version of "Empire", where in January they did the full thing. And Ed, you'll be happy to know Geoff didn't ask who was a parent before "Silent Lucidity". Instead, he mentioned that recently the band has had a lot of friends that have moved on. He then dedicated the song to Michael Kamen, the guy who did the orchestrations on "Silent Lucidity" and Operation: Mindcrime. I thought that was a nice touch.

Anyways, the Mindcrime set was stellar as always. Pamela does seem to have more of a role now, and this time I could actually hear her.

The audience was really into the show as well. It was really cool to hear them do the shouting parts (“It lies”, etc.) because a lot of people were participating. The sound was pretty good too. We were down in the second row of the pit, on the left, directly in front of the PAs. The show had a great mix, but I can’t hear a damn thing today. I didn’t think it’d be nearly as loud as it was, so I didn’t bring plugs. Oh well…

Not a whole lot to add, except Queensryche played like the consummate professionals they are. For those curious, they played for 2 hours 5 minutes, and had a 25 minute intermission in between sets.

1. The Whisper
2. Empire
3. Another Rainy Night (Without You)
4. Walk in the Shadows
5. Take Hold of the Flame
6. Sign of the Times
7. The Lady Wore Black
8. Jet City Woman
9. Last Time in Paris
10. Silent Lucidity

11. I Remember Now
12. Anarchy X
13. Revolution Calling
14. Operation Mindcrime
15. Speak
16. Spreading the Disease
17. The Mission
18. Suite Sister Mary
19. The Needle Lies
20. Electric Requiem
21. Breaking the Silence
22. I Don't Believe in Love
23. Waiting for 22
24. My Empty Room
25. Eyes of a Stranger

At the end "Hostage" was played over the PA as usual.
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