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Originally Posted by es156
This was a great show. I thought Anthrax was a very good opener for Priest, but the crowd was kind of weak. How can people sit through Anthrax? Scott Ian and Frank Bello kept yelling at people to get on their feet. It was a good high-energy set. Charlie Benante is an excellent drummer. My head was banging through the entire show! I think that this was their set:

1. Among The Living
2. Got The Time
3. Caught in a Mosh
4. Madhouse
5. Anti-Social
6. N.F.L.
7. Indians
8. Medusa
9. I Am The Law

I know that there has been some complaining on this board, but I think that Judas Priest are worth seeing every chance you get. Even though the crowd was fairly small, the band still played like it was a big show. The set was mainly the same but you still get a lot of metal for your money. They have so many songs that no one will ever be entirely happy with their set. (I can't believe that they are not playing anything from Defenders of the Faith!) But the set list is still great. Worth Fighting For and Desert Plains were definite highlights. Those two songs alone were worth seeing this tour again for me. However, I was disappointed that they dropped Exciter. Overall this was an outstanding evening of metal.

By the way, it was cool to see Wrathchild_84 again and get to meet his dad. I was walking down to the floor before the show when I heard someone calling my name. That was pretty funny. Also, I left right after the show ended, but a friend of mine waited by the busses and got to meet Rob Halford and Scott Travis!! He got pictures and autographs and said that Rob was very cool.
That's great man!
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