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Queensryche -- Columbus, OH --September 28th, 2005

Well, well, well. I have recently witnessed the first of hopefully many times seeing my favorite band of all time, the mighty Queensryche.

My dad and I arrived at about 6:30. Doors were at 8, so we mingled in line for an hour and a half before we went in. Once we did, my first stop was the merch booth to buy a shirt (the Triryche on a brain with dates on the back), then my second stop was the snack bar for a can of Mountain Dew. Queensryche and Mountain Dew: life really can't be much better than that. Finally, we settled down in the standing room only section of the venue. It had three decks, but I wanted pit. We were about second or third row from the stage, but pushy assholes sent us to approximately the fifth by the end of the show. Oh well. What peeved me a little bit was the fact that the doors opened at 8 and the band finally took the stage at 9:15. All that hour and fifteen minutes it seemed bad, but as soon as Wilton and Stone burst out of the darkness with the insanely synchronized riff of "The Whisper" (Stone may as well be DeGarmo for as well as he and Wilton meshed), all was forgotten and the common love of Queensryche began to flow throughout the venue. Here is the first set list, which lasted 45 minutes, from 9:15 to 10:

The Whisper
Another Rainy Night (Without You)
Walk in the Shadows
Take Hold of the Flame
Sign of the Times
Jet City Woman
Last Time in Paris
Silent Lucidity

The band left the stage for another half an hour, and the alcohol had really begun to flow at that point. Sadly, some people were too drunk to even enjoy such a work of art. I'll give you some but not all of the details before the I give you the set. There was a cast of about four actors, as well as three huge movie screens to illustrate the story. Visually, the story is incredible, and a possible Hollywood adaptation thrills me. Pamela Moore aka Sister Mary was dead on, and sang on about four or five songs, not just "Suite Sister Mary". She appeared in masquerade apparel for the songs taking place after her death, obviously to represent a shade or specter of herself. Geoff was right on, and the final song, "Eyes of a Stranger", saw the nurse and doctor binding him in a hospital gown as though it were a straight jacket. Simply incredible. They "encored" with "Hostage", the only offically recorded tune from Operation: Mindcrime II. Overall, I could not have asked for much better. As a liner note, Eddie Jackson yelled "You want this pick?" to me. To which I wholeheartedly replied: "YEAAAAH!". Someone behind me took it . Eddie mouthed "sorry" and went to the other side of the stage. Oh well.

I Remember Now
Revolution Calling
Spreading the Disease
The Mission
Suite Sister Mary
The Needle Lies
Electric Requiem
Breaking the Silence
I Don't Believe in Love
Waiting for 22
My Empty Room
Eyes of a Stranger

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