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Judas Priest -- Champaign, IL -- September 27th, 2005

Last night was one of the best metal shows Iíve ever been to, I had great seats Priest where on fire. Robís voice really sounded above par last night. He had a great screech during Painkiller and let out a nice growl at the end of Metal Gods. Iíll give a more extensive review when I get home tonight.

1) The Hellion/Electric Eye
2) Metal Gods
3) Riding On The Wind
4) A Touch Of Evil
5) Judas Rising
6) Revolution
7) Breaking The Law
8) I'm A Rocker
9) Diamonds And Rust
10) Worth Fighting For
11) Beyond The Realms Of Death
12) Turbo Lover
13) Hellrider
14) Victim Of Changes
15) Painkiller
16) Desert Plains (with motorcycle)
17) Living After Midnight
18) You've Got Another Thing Comin'
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