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Originally Posted by Christen View Post
Could be a bit far-fetched however I would like to see Angle vs. Lesnar. With all the rumors going around that Kurt Angle wants to end his career in WWE when his TNA deal is up it would make sense to have a match with his old rival and I think most people would be okay if Angle won the belt.
My problem with Angle facing him is the same problem I have with Daniel Bryan facing him. He's too rough. I'd be afraid that he'd break one of their fragile necks.

Originally Posted by John The Drummer View Post
I can't wait to see the ass kicking that Cena got sometime . Sounds so awesome.

In an unrelated note, everyone who is a fan of Jericho's podcast, download his interview with Cody Rhodes & Goldust, its great.

Now back to Summerslam...
It sounds ilke the lumberjack match went far above and beyond everyones expectations.
It was very good. It could have been more if it wasn't held back by PG bullshit. But I really enjoyed them. I'd like to see them in a Falls Count Anywhere or Hell in a Cell match.
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