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I'd say retiring as champion is the best option. Or maybe a big six man match where all five of the other guys swarm him, take him out and then go after each other. There is no one that can come off believable after last night. In hin site last night was probably a bit too overboard. But damn it was sweet.

Cesaro could play the ex-Heyman guy card. But he's just not a believable guy now. Maybe in April-June of this year.

You're spot on about all those big guys but those would make for some pathetic matches.

Any of the Shield members, no way.

I legitimately don't think Daniel Bryan should be in a ring with him. Some of those suplexes were fucking stiff.

Some veteran would just suck.


And there's still Cena. He is going to be a seventeen time champion sooner than later.

Yeah, they may have fucked themselves with that domination last night. But I don't care because I don't need to watch anymore. Last night I saw what I've wanted to see for years.

And it is pro-wrestling. They could just book him to look weak and have him lose to anybody. It's not like they haven't pissed us off before.
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