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So, Cena gets his rematch at night of champions and we all know Brock will win that. But who challenges Brock after that? I'm guessing they'll throw some of the big guys at him like Big Show, Mark Henry, Kane and Batista. Maybe Sheamus or Cesaro will have a shot at him to. These are the only guys on the roster that can match up well physically with Brock and make the matches come off as legit heavyweight title fights. Though they do have a lot of work to do with Cesaro if they were to have him challenge Brock. Losing to RVD on the summerslam pre-show does not make someone look like a threat to anything in 2014.

There's just no way Reigns takes the title from Brock at wrestlemania next year. Brock may end up retiring as champion. That's the only acceptable way to get the title off him because nobody on the roster right now can beat the Lesnar we saw last night.