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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
...and then there was what happened afterward, which was even more shocking and horrifying (because the decision was made by people who were supposedly fully sane), but if you think about it, what the hell else were they gonna do? They couldn't very well travel around in a post-zombie-apocalyptic world with a tiny psychopath who had already said that she was planning to do the same thing to Judith. They really had no choice.
Carol is becoming the Andrea the show never had. Which is a bit of a shame, because I think Andrea could have been a better Andrea than Carol can be. She's taking on her role to some degree. The show is drawing parallels to the comic using Carol's character instead of Andrea's, and it's really interesting the way they're doing it.

Carol's character has never fully clicked with me. I think her communication skills are extremely poor. Maybe Lizzy was, as Rick said in that one episode, "too far gone" by the time Carol was in a position to influence her, but I feel like Carol could have put much more effort into Lizzy's rehabilitation than she did before deciding execution was the solution. Then again I might need to re-watch season 4 (a lot has happened since the spring and the show is not fresh on my mind), but I distinctly remember feeling that way after the "just look at the flowers" episode. Thinking, "I doubt Dale would have been on board with that."

You know, I really disliked Andrea when she was on screen. I liked aspects of her character, but found her, overall, pretty exasperating. Now I wish she was still part of the series. I just don't think Carol can bring the weight Andrea could.

Still though, Carol might have come the farthest, in terms of character development, of anyone on the show.
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