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Originally Posted by John The Drummer View Post
...when Carol, Tyreese and the sisters were taking refuge at that house.....)
Yeah, that rocked me to the core. I kinda saw it coming with the comments she had been making up to that point, but I just figured she was going to let one of the walkers scratch her so she would turn and - according to her theory - still be OK afterward. I never thought she would do what she actually did.

...and then there was what happened afterward, which was even more shocking and horrifying (because the decision was made by people who were supposedly fully sane), but if you think about it, what the hell else were they gonna do? They couldn't very well travel around in a post-zombie-apocalyptic world with a tiny psychopath who had already said that she was planning to do the same thing to Judith. They really had no choice.

That's why I like the show so much - it creatively uses the concept of a zombie apocalypse to change the rules of society and then asks challenging questions about what happens to morality and ethics when survival is often the sole - or at least primary - factor in most of the major decisions people make.
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