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Announcement Time! The return of Review Madness! Rules are similar as last time, but here they are again.

In an effort to further spread the word about great bands, I will be doing a review madness this month! This is an opportunity for bands both known and unknown to get reviewed with relative ease (as long as I can keep up). Here are the rules:

1. Send an email to beginning today with the subject: “Review Madness – [band name]”. Please attach a link or digital copy of the release you’d like reviewed. Bandcamp links are preferred, but other links are ok too. Releases must be recent (ie: 2012-2014).

2. I will begin reviewing as soon as possible, but the true madness will begin August 12th when I finish school.

3. Releases will be reviewed in the order they are received, with no exceptions. I cannot promise I’ll get to everything, but I’m hoping to knock out 15-20 releases.

4. In order to get through this volume of releases it means I cannot promise that I can listen to these albums more than a few times each. Additionally, because these reviews are guaranteed, the scores might be lower than I would typically give if I'm not digging the release.

5. Preferred genres are thrash, power, traditional, and death. Black and doom are ok too. Anything not metal won’t be reviewed, and any other metal subgenres are very much a case of “submit at your own risk”.

Even if you don't play in a band, share this with all of your friends who do. It's a chance for easy promotion!
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