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Originally Posted by PowerMaiden View Post

great review, and on a side note, I respect everybody who likes CC, all tastes are in nature, I know there are a lot of you here, but for me it's just absolutely horrible, can't even listen to a full song...

Cheers !
No worries man. I like people like you. You respect people who musical styles you don't. Doesn't happen much in the metal community!

Originally Posted by sarsip View Post
I was at the Lich King show at Nectar's. HG has it's issues, but there are more fucked places out there. Usually the security is too lax. Last time Cannibal played HG they took out a guy on a stretcher.
Wow, no shit. Yeah there are definitely worse places. It's a nice place to see a show, it just seems at the shows I've been to there the security is way too hardcore. I'll say that Northern Lights in Clifton Park is the worst for security. I've seen bouncers there hurt people. Like kicking and punching a person when they're down. No need for that.

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