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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
I'm really worried about the match at Summerslam. They seem to be building John Cena as the greatest wrestler/champion of all-time and beating Lesnar is a logical step in that build.
It's possible that that'll happen , especially if Lesnar's contract is very limited and only allows him a few matches a year. Maybe he'll win it then have Rollins cash in on him or something?

Originally Posted by Maideneer View Post
Khali versus anyone is no good...I don't understand why he is employed still, he can barely move, knows absolutely zero wrestling holds, and has to be a huge terror to work with due to his limitations. Other than keeping him on the roster for ambassador related things, he has no more business inside of a ring.

Glad Zack Ryder got the win, he deserves more push.
Compared to all of his other matches this one was amazing . But yes, dude can barely walk, he needs to just be a Manager or something.

Ryder should join this new Nation of Domination stable and be the Owen Hart of them (only white guy).
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