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Originally Posted by John The Drummer View Post
I always thought FFX was hard as shit... but of course I sucked at those kind of games and never went in with a gameplan and just kept hacking and slashing and casting spells. I'd really like to get a PS2 again so I can replay the classics (and PS1 games as well), and this is one I really want to revisit again.
I remember some bosses being pretty hard and I remember a HUGE difficulty spike towards the end of the game, around the time you fight Seymor for the last time and Yunalesca. I can remember the last boss being very hard too. I actually only beat him once. On my second playthrough I was grinding for two hours before I fought him, then I got slain by a giant flying eyeball just before I was about to save (that sounds like something out of the Simpsons). I got so mad I turned it off and moved on. When I fired up my PS2 last night that save file was still on my memory card.

Another cool thing about Final Fantasy X is the sound enemies (or anyone for that matter) emit when they die. It's like this mournful weep, kind of like a kitten mixed with the air being let out of a ballon. I guess it's the "Sending" sound. It's very sad and adds a lot to the game.
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