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Originally Posted by mankvill View Post

Metalheads are so fickle. I think that is probably one of the things I hate most about the metal community. Flash back to 2002-2007ish, Lamb of God was without a doubt the hottest act in metal. Everyone wanted to be apart of their monster pits and taking part in the walls of death. Find me one metal message board pre-2006 that was talking shit about LOG. It doesn't exist. Did LOG change their sound? Nope, not really. Sure some albums are better than others, but they haven't done much to bring the hate. It's just cool to hate on popular bands, and pretend like you're so much better than others cause you're elite. I'm done pretending I like some obscure band more to sound cool.... because liking obscure shitty music doesn't make the music not shitty.

I like Lamb of God. I like Pantera. I like Death. I like Bloodbath. I like Gojira. I like Bolt Thrower. I like Carcass. I like old Metallica. No amount of metal community hate for these bands is really going to change my opinion of their music. good music is good.

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