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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
You bring up a great point about Metallica getting shit for detuning their old stuff but it doesn't seem to happen with any other band as much. A perfect example is Rush, they down tune anything they play from their first album all the way through to Presto and nobody gives them shit for it. Anybody seen Alice Cooper live lately? He's been down tuning his stuff from the 70s and 80s for years now. Nobody complains about that. Metallica gets shit for things like this while other bands don't simply because some fans can't forgive them for what the band became in the 90s. So, instead of growing up and moving on they bash them for any little thing they can find. It's fine that Testament tunes down all their old stuff because Chuck's voice doesn't have the range it used to but Metallica can't do that because they came out with The Black Album and became the biggest metal band ever. That's totally unforgivable to some people and no matter what, Metallica will always get shit when others don't because of how huge they are.
Pretty much this.

Testament has a horrible live sound, and has heavily edited their last live dvd. Anyone whined about it?

Shall I start a complain thread about Iron Maiden? They got so many "troo reactions" after they said that they will never play Glastonbury. One much read comment was "teh money is teh metallica. Lest we forget about their trooper beer, endless greatest hits albums & their privately owned plane, shall we?

2012 was my last time seeing Metallica and they sounded good, apart from a few fuckups (Lars) in the very beginning.

But after seeing who opened this thread, well, that's that. To each his or her own. Besides, I dislike these request sets because almost nothing from Load & Re-Load is played.

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