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Originally Posted by El Gordo View Post
Let me preface this by saying that deep down, Metallica is probably my favourite band ever. If not that, they are certainly the most important band to me in terms of developing my musical tastes. So, let's just get the "oh this is a it's cool to hate Metallica thread" posts out of the way to begin with.

So my question is, do people (and by people I mean intelligent, discerning metal fans) actually enjoy a live Metallica show now? I look at all these posts about their setlists and sure, they can put together some truly awesome sets, but in my opinion they just can't bring it live anymore. I like Death Magnetic, and I saw Metallica tour for that album but I thought the show was awful. Hetfield has ruined his voice, Lars is probably the worst professional drummer out there, Hammett was never a great lead guitarist but he's still OK, and well, I'll be honest, Trujillo annoys the hell out of me. It just surprises me when I see people post "oh man, I'd be so stoked to see Kill 'Em All played in full!"... I'd be stoked if it were Metallica circa 1988 or so, but Metallica now? Give me a cover band instead.

Again, I'm not bashing Metallica just for the sake of it. I'm just genuinely surprised by how loved they still are by this community and would like to see an intelligent discussion about it.
I didn't read this entire thread, but wanted to give my opinion to your question. Yes, I agree with you that Metallica is no where near the same quality of live performance as they were between 89-97, however I still like watching their live performances. Honestly the thing that I dislike most about Metallica concerts now is the average age of the fans. Ever since about 2009 it seems as if the average age in the crowd is under 12. it's also interesting to note that 2009 is also the same year that Metallica Guitar Hero came out. Coincidence? Maybe... But I personally think Guitar Hero Metallica made Metallica more accessible to the 8-12 year old demographics, which basically ruins the entire event.

I went to the Big 4 concert in Palm Springs a couple years ago, and that event was alright. The Death Magnetic tour however was unbearable. Oh, and in Seattle for that tour they had a no alcohol policy! what kind of bullshit is that?
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