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Septicflesh -- Toronto, Ontario -- June 27th, 2014

Septicflesh & Fleshgod Apocalypse
Support: Black Crown Initiate and Necronomicon
Date: Friday June 27th, 2014
Venue: the Opera House in Toronto, Ontario
T-Shirt Worn: Celtic Frost ‘Morbid Tales’

I got to the venue a little late and missed the first two bands. I didn't really care. I’m not even sure if both played. Doors were at seven, I got there at nine and Fleshgod Apocalypse went on about five minutes after I got there. Unless one band played right when the doors opened I can’t see how they fit all that (two performances, two soundchecks and time for the crowd to file in) into two hours.

I've never listened to Fleshgod Apocalypse but they were okay. The younger kids were going crazy for them so I guess they're pretty popular. I liked there wasn't any downtime during their set, they at least had ambient music playing between songs. Except during the intro to Pathfinder when the band stopped for some reason. The singer had to stall for about five minutes while they changed a guitar string or something. That really killed the good momentum they had going and it took a bit for them to get it back. I don't know any of their stuff so someone can fill in the blanks if they like. They were pretty chaotic, I liked the last song.

Fleshgod Apocalypse
1. ?
2. Minotaur (the Wrath of Poseidon)
3. ?
4. ?
5. Requiem In Si Minore
6. Pathfinder
7. ?
8. ?
9. ?
10. The Forsaking

The crowd thinned a little bit after Fleshgod Apocalypse. I’d say down to about three hundred people maybe? Septicflesh had all their gear (after the review earlier in the week said it had been delayed by customs or something). They sounded really off time and sloppy for the first couple of minutes of the Vampire from Nazareth but after that they found their stride and sounded really good. I was just a little bored by them. There are a lot of songs off Communion I’d like to hear them play, and they played pretty much the only decent stuff from the Great Mass (I didn’t like that album). The new songs were actually really good and made me want to check their new album out. I didn’t even know it came out last Tuesday. They should have played one or two more songs from it and cut one from the Great Mass. I don’t get the love for that album. Communion was way better. Thing was when I first saw Septicflesh in late-2012 on that tour with Krisiun, Melechesh, Ex Deo and Inquisition I had no idea who they were. I was actually going to leave because the show was bad but I figured I’d give them three songs; and I ended up being really surprised by them. This time I knew what to expect, so I was a little underwhelmed. And I don’t know why Spiru Agnu or whatever the singers name is even bothers with a bass guitar. He doesn’t even play it half the time. That shows you how much the bass guitar matters in extreme metal. Despite all the bad vibes I’m giving I still thought they were really good.

1. The Vampire from Nazareth
2. Communion
3. A Great Mass of Death
4. Order of Dracul
5. Pyramid God
6. Unbeliever
7. Prototype
8. Lovecraft's Death
9. Burn
10. Persepolis
11. Anubis
12. Five-Pointed Star
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01/21 -- Alcest


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