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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
That KISS setlist is boring apart from Psycho Circus. I hope by the time they come back to Europe, which will probably be next year, they've changed it.
I called it!

And as to the DL thing, when I saw them last time they actually pulled through. Gods Of War, Women, It's All About Believin', and that whole acoustic medley thing they did were all great things to see. If they were really worried about the crowd not responding to stuff they don't know, then they wouldn't have used Undefeated as the opener for two years. They just need to headline their own tour again so they HAVE to play something besides the hits with a smaller band like Night Ranger, Winger, etc. and so does KISS for that matter. But KISS has proved here that you don't only have to play the hits, contrary to what Mr. Elliot believes. I mean DL don't even play ALL their hits. "Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad", "Stand Up (Kick Love Into Motion)", "Make Love Like A Man", and "Too Late For Love" were all either big rock hits or pop hits and they don't ever play them. Even here I hear "Rock Rock (Till You Drop)" on the radio all the time. Sacrificing one hit for a really cool deep cut like Gods Of War, Stagefright, Mirror Mirror, Die Hard The Hunter, etc. would be enough for me but nooooo, you gotta play every single one of your hits for the zillionth time. I'm gonna still enjoy the show because what they lack in song choice they somewhat make up for in the actual show. Just wish more bands would take from Bon Jovi's handbook of set choice.....
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