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There have been about 40 reviews since my last post here, but I'll just highlight a few cool lesser-known bands:

Harlott - Origin - This is among the most ripping of any new wave thrash album in recent years. Really cool stuff from Australia.

The Outer Limits - World Metal Domination - This thrash band does Forbidden better than Russ Anderson does.

Paranorm - The Edge of Existence - Technical thrash metal from Sweden. They'll be thrashing out one second, and then rip into a Malmsteen section the next. It's a short EP, but 100% worth it.

Sabbatory - Endless Asphyxiating Gloom - I don't like to overhype too many records, but knowing the taste of people on this board, this is an album of the year contender. Buy this, listen to it, and worship it. Old-school death metal with one of the most convincing production jobs in history (and great songwriting, of course).

Monument - Renegades - Traditional heavy metal that is very much in line with bands like White Wizzard and Skull Fist. I'm really surprised to see this album hasn't gotten more buzz.

Ancient Empire - Ancient Empire - USPM with huge riffs. Not a ton of speed, but it's really not needed here. Features the vocalist from the first Rocka Rollas EP and second album.

Spell - The Full Moon Sessions - This is some traditional heavy metal for fans of Cauldron, but would prefer they aren't quite as clean. Again, this is another record I think should really take off.

Avalon Steel - Ascension - This EP isn't out yet, but it features some USPM in the vein of Manilla Road, Omen, and Cirith Ungol. The vocalist has one of those really cool distinctive USPM vocals. This was done by a buddy of mine from Thrash Unlimited. I've known about this band for years, but I believe this is their first official release.

Ecocide - Eye of Wicked Sight - Very impressive OSDM. It sounds old-school, and the songwriting is definitely for fans of bands like Death, Pestilence, and Obituary.
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