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9. Me Against The World

Artist: Tupac shakur
Also known as: 2Pac
Recorded: 1994-1995
Released: 1995
Album title: Me Against the World
Producers: Easy Mo Bee

This is 2pacs greatest gem. This is pac at his most poetic and when he reached his lyrical peak, everything that came out after this was released was solid, don't get me wrong. But i think he tried to go more hardcore "and thug" on his later releases, which doesn't surprise me in the least considering that he was behind bars right when this album was released(probably changed his mind state and the way he sees society after being locked in prison for a year). Eventually Pac would get bailed a year into his prison run, getting released from SUPER BIG NAMED exec suge knight of death row records, with the stipulation to his release from prison being that he signs a contract to release two albums under the death row label. He did and NOT ONLY did it make him a free man, but both albums were classic releases, but they were a step below this masterpiece: ME AGAINST THE WORLD. Every song on this album is sad, fun, happy, creepy, and down right FRIGHTENING, and DEPRESSING especially in songs like "I see Death Around the corner" which has tupac spitting versus about meeting his untimely death, and how everyones out to get him. It's almost like he knew his time was up. It creeps me the fuck out knowing that he would soon meet his untimely demise in 1996 when he was shot and killed in a drive by in las vegas. Scariest part is will never know who it was/or the group that killed 2pac shakure in june of 96'. This not only has some of 2pacs greatest songs, but some of these will go down as hip hop classics such as "Dear Mama" which always puts a tear to my eye every time i spin that track. Anyone that wants to start on the legacy of Tupac..look no further. Me Against the World is 2pacs magnum opus, and is a tried and true poetic yet violently plagued hip hop album.

If I Die Tonight

Dear Mama School

Death Around the Corner

Shed So Many Tears


8 more albums!!! !

oh, and nice try Mankz
8/31 - Sleep
10/19 - D.R.I
11/10 - Judas Priest
11/14 - Slayer
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