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Originally Posted by MPF View Post
Yeah, absolutely do it. It could be stomach Migraines like me, it could be gallbladder problems, it could be that you need to get a better digestive track regiment. The list is endless of what it could be.

It doesn't hurt to bring up the stomach migraine thing if that could be it. No need to suffer 7 months and get hooked on Hospital grade heroin like I did just because doctors don't know what's wrong.
Stomach migraines does not sound like much fun at all. I get normal head migraines once in a while when I am going through a lot of stress and they SUCK.

Originally Posted by Onioner View Post
So for the last six months, my school was planning a big overhaul to my major's curriculum that was supposed to make graduating on time a lot easier. They released the changes today and it turns out that all of them are practically useless. For incoming undergrads, the major is now actually HARDER than it was before, with two extra classes tacked on. In my case, what I originally thought was going to be an easy senior year just became really shitty. At least I'll still graduate on time. I hope.

Today, I am a sad.
Don't you love when companies, politics, schools, etc make big changes that will improve everything and make thigns easier... when in reality they just make them 100% harder and more impossible to achieve!?

On a brighter note, my sister in law's water broke this morning and her and my brother are in hospital now. Will be Uncle John by the end of the day I beleive!
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