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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
Well, it's official. I fucking love this album. I admit it took some time, but then again I didn't appreciate their sophomore album that much either until all the hype made me go back and listen to it some more. I have to say, this one might even be better than their last.

Give it another spin or two, smear. There's lots to love on this record. It's pretty dense stuff, but the way they seamlessly mash up various styles such as death, black, post- and sludge metal into one exstremely potent bunch of tunes is really rather awesome. Plus, Erik Rutan did a bang-up job producing this monster. The amount of heavy stuff packed into this album should result in a big noisy mess, but he did a really great job of making it sound well-balanced and punchy. I agree with you that their first album was rather unimpressive, but I think Tombs have really hit their stride here.
Yeah, I agree. I've listened to it a couple more times since then and I find it a lot more interesting now than I did at first. Definitely a grower. Not sure if it'll make my top 20, but that's just because there's a lot of good releases this year.
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