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Originally Posted by Litany View Post
It doesn't even matter for them. Check their regular touring set list. It's pretty much the same, minus 1 or 2 "hits" they always play.
I did some research and this tour cycle is heavy for the new album, which I completely expect out of them or any band for that matter. Comparing their 13 song headline sets from the past two tours there are only 5 out of 13 songs they kept. This festival gave them a lot more time compared to other fests so it was basically the Satanist headline tour set minus 2 songs. So really, I don't see where you are coming from. Behemoth is playing a lot of new stuff because they have a new album, the only thing you could say is off is they are playing 5 new songs compared to the 4 they played during their last album cycle.
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