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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
That is pretty damn sad but at the same time where the hell is Bowie, Maryland? That's a big part of TNA's problem, they book these small in the middle of nowhere towns because they're cheaper. That's one big reason why people don't come besides their lack of marketing.

TNA is coming to my "area" next month. They'll be in the city of Jamestown (population around 30,000) which is about an hour drive south of Buffalo. Jamestown is located just a little bit before the Pennsylvania border. The closest major metropolitan areas to it are Buffalo and probably Erie, Pa which is about an hour south of Jamestown. How do they think people are gonna get to these shows? If you don't drive, you sure as hell aren't gonna catch a bus or get a cab there and back unless you're some kind of superfan. I have a car and I wouldn't drive that far to see them. If they found a place in Buffalo or a high school gym in a suburb close by then I would go.

I don't know how many of you listen to Jericho's podcast but last week he had Bully Ray on and the newest one is with AJ Styles. All the stuff we complain about with TNA is the same things those two say are wrong with the company.
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